Alcoholism & Addiction

Fruit Flies Behave Like Humans With Regard to Alcohol Consumption

When given the chance to consume alcohol at will, fruit flies behave in ways that look a lot like human alcoholism, according to a study published online on December 10th in Current Biology, a Cell Press publication. Science Daily reports that this study is one of the first to consider alcohol self-administration in the insects. "The flies choose to consume alcohol to intoxicating levels, they will do so even...

Report Examines Frequency of Alcohohl Use Among Those Seeking Treatment

It is important for policymakers and health professionals to understand the frequency of alcohol use in America. Data from the Drug and Alcohol Services Information System (DASIS) and reported by the National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) in The DASIS Report – Frequency of Use Among Alcohol-Only Treatment Admissions: 2006. During the studied year, two percent of Americans used alcohol either daily or near...

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