Alcoholism & Addiction

Bon Jovi Drummer Opens Up About Alcohol Abuse in Documentary

Bon Jovi drummer Tico Torres has opened up about his years of alcohol abuse in a documentary about the band, revealing that his heavy drinking was related to his absent father. Torres admits he was "killing" himself with drinking in the early 1990s until his bandmates urged him to seek help. He then turned to psychologist Lou Cox, who helped keep the band together after they fired manager Doc McGrath in...

Report Suggests Employers Intervene in After Work Drinking Habits

At one time, after work drinks were considered an important part of networking. For some, however, this activity leads to problem drinking. As a result, a new Australian government report has recommended that employers conduct workplace interventions to address employees’ problems with alcohol. MSN News recently reported that the estimated bill for lost productivity for Australian companies through hangovers and...

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