Alcoholism & Addiction

College Administrators Learn How to Curb Holiday Drinking Incidents

With the holidays approaching, it would make sense that indulging in the occasional alcoholic beverage would be a common occurrence. At the same time, occasions for indulgence tend to increase, which would suggest increased drinking overall. The same could be said about Halloween on college campuses. As college students tend to still be on campus, it is not uncommon for them to engage in binge drinking or alcohol...

Cheap Drinks at College Bars Pose Serious Threats to Public Health and Safety

A new study has examined the impact of discounted drinks at college bars, finding that low alcohol prices at drinking establishments pose genuine threats to public health and safety, Science Daily reports. "It may seem intuitive that cheaper alcohol can lead to higher intoxication levels and related consequences—such as fighting, drunk driving, sexual victimization, injury, even death—especially...

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