Alcoholism & Addiction

Editorials Address Need for More Research, Restrictions Against Alcohol Industry

Alcohol companies are sending out the wrong message, say experts, and it’s time to stop. Tobacco receives worldwide attention for detrimental effects on health, and its marketing approach toward teens is closely monitored. Products from major pharmaceutical companies are the subject of numerous research studies geared toward how the public views the medications and uses them. Now experts are calling for the...

Advertising Alcohol to Children: Does it Work?

Walking your sixth-grader’s forgotten lunch over to school, you breeze past several places of business. In the plaza very near to your child’s school there’s a salon, a coffee shop, a financial planner. And there’s a bar. The bar’s name is advertised, but there are also several brands of beer advertised with neon signs in the front windows of the establishment. You walk on by, with...

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