Alcoholism & Addiction

Polydrug Dependence Can Change Your Moral Outlook

Polydrug dependence, also known as polysubstance dependence, occurs when a person develops a physical/psychological reliance on two or more substances of abuse. This condition is a potential outcome of any sustained involvement in polydrug use. According to the results of a study published in October 2013 in the journal Drug and Alcohol Dependence, polydrug dependence can significantly alter an individual’s moral...

Some People Can Cut Down on Drinking Before it Becomes Problematic

When Bill Wilson declared his powerlessness over alcohol in his 1939 book called “Alcoholics Anonymous” (known among AA members as “The Big Book”), he contended that he had to “hit bottom” as an alcoholic before changing his life, and that sobriety could only be achieved through complete abstinence. Seventy years later, top addiction experts are no longer sure that this is true...

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