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Car Salesman Kills Customer during DUI Test Drive

A car salesman from Pennsylvania is facing charges in relation to a fatal car accident that killed one customer and injured the other. On December 30, 2010, Jon Christian Jensen, age forty-eight, and his twenty-year-old son Tyler went to a car dealership in Lancaster County to test-drive a Mitsubishi Lancer. Michael Hershey, also forty-eight, was the salesman on duty that day and took the men out for a test drive.

Although Tyler Jensen drove the car first, Hershey then got into the driver’s seat and offered to show them “how it’s done.” Hershey had the car going around 100 miles per hour when a truck pulled out onto the road in front of the Lancer. Although Hershey hit the breaks and swerved, the car hit the embankment and rolled over. When emergency personnel arrived, Jon Jansen was dead and his son, who complained of chest pains, was trying to revive him.

After the incident, Hershey’s blood alcohol level tested at .06. Although .06 is less than the legal BAC limit of .08, he also tested positive for marijuana. Hershey is facing charges for vehicular homicide, driving under the influence of alcohol or a controlled substance, and reckless endangerment. Although blood alcohol content testing is often used in legal proceedings to prove that a person was too drunk to drive, other evidence can lead to a DUI conviction even where the BAC has not reached .08.


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