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Alcohol Consumption May Lead to Other Substance Abuse

Research now shows that the earlier a person is introduced to alcohol, the greater their chance of abusing drugs later in life. Pot has always taken the heat in the past as being the drug that opens the door to more illegal substance abuse, but now alcohol may be the biggest factor.

The research now shows that more than 75 percent of teens are likely to try alcohol compared with less than 50 percent who experiment with marijuana or even tobacco. Officials say that if parents consume alcohol then the adolescent is more likely to do so as well. They suggest parents not even have adult beverages in the home so kids are less likely to be exposed to it.

Alcohol is legal at a certain age to be consumed by adults within a responsible limit. Once an adult decides to overindulge, then that’s when it could become dangerous. This sets a precedence that teens may try and duplicate.

If a teen’s first exposure is with other teens then the chance that they would see only people who abuse the substance, is high. If the parent is an alcoholic they may tend to view alcohol in a negative way also.

Responsibility can be taught to the child if they are exposed to it in the right manner. Parents can educate their teens on alcohol consumption and the dangers associated with the abuse of the substance. Removing the mystery out of alcohol could be what closes the door to any future experimentation.

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