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Binge Drinking Common Among Young Adults in Nebraska

Binge drinking appears to be a common activity in Nebraska, according to this Columbus Telegram report. The Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services (NDHHS) conducted a recent survey that found alcohol use and abuse continues to be on the rise in the state, especially among young adults.

The survey, the Nebraska Young Adult Alcohol Opinion Survey, focused on responses from 3,466 Nebraska citizens aged 19 to 25. Results indicate that 87 percent of those participating in the survey had consumed alcohol. Nearly 68 percent of survey respondents had consumed in the month preceding, which equates to 116,000 young adults statewide.

Fred Zwonecheck, administrator at Nebraska Office of Highway Safety, acknowledged that he isn’t surprised by the survey results. In fact, surveys completed over the past several years have shown consistent results. Zwonecheck noted that it is common for alcohol consumption rates to be higher among young adults in upper Midwest states.

The Nebraska Office of Highway Safety partnered with NDHHS and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln to conduct the survey, which also found rates of binge drinking to be high.

According to survey results, nearly 65 percent of those participating had consumed alcohol in the past month by binge drinking. This included consuming five or more drinks for men and four or more drinks for women within just a couple of hours. Even more startling was the fact that 41 percent of binge drinkers guzzled more than double that amount.

The survey also revealed that three in every 10 respondents had driven while under the influence of alcohol in the past year. Of those who reported binge drinking in the preceding month, 20 percent had driven afterward.

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