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Addressing Underlying Causes Vital Component of Addiction Recovery

While detox is a crucial first step in finding recovery from drug addiction, getting through it is far from crossing the goal line. To be considered successful, addiction treatment needs to help the person understand what led them to substance abuse in the first place and then develop new skills for handling those stresses as well as the myriad temptations that will come along once the rehab program ends.

The celebrity gossip pages are filled with stories of well-known individuals who struggle to find sobriety. Some are successful and some aren’t. What seems to make the difference is whether they take the time for self-discovery and make the effort to learn new coping strategies.

A London online newspaper recently ran a story about Hollywood personality Tatum O’Neal. Ms. O’Neal is best known for her child role starring across from father Ryan in the film Paper Moon. Although she won Hollywood’s highest honor for that role, her relationship with her onscreen and off-screen dad seems to have been less stellar. Ms. O’Neal went through a 25 year break in her relationship with her father. During that time, she married tennis star John McEnroe, though the two divorced eight years later. Ms. O’Neal’s troubles continued to follow her and she lost custody of the couple’s three children to McEnroe as a result of her persistent drug addiction.

Someone close to the now 48 year old actress, told reporters that Ms. O’Neal, once again in drug rehab, is struggling to understand herself. Reports say that father Ryan is a frequent visitor to the facility. It is possible to recover from drug addiction. Sobriety is possible. It comes at the cost of honest self-examination, however and commitment to a life long journey of recovery.

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